“Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport. The ones who will drive you are your true friends. The rest aren’t bad people; they’re just acquaintances.”

10:26pm Halifax Airport:

This is the real beginning of the adventure: getting on the plane. My flight leaves at 11:45 pm and is supposed to arrive at 9:30 am. I don’t consider this a bad time at all. I will hopefully sleep the entire flight. For now, I’m battling with the internet connection at the airport. Seeing that you are supposed to be online and not being able to load your email is more frustrating than you would think. Luckily I have a book to keep me company: the Fionavar Tapestry. Apparently it’s about a great adventure, which seems fitting enough.

There seem to be very few young people waiting at the gate. It’s all old couples and most everyone is reading. With the exception of the people across from me who are feeding each other chocolate. There are a few kids waiting; I’m really hoping they aren’t going to cry the entire flight and keep me up! It is really cute though, they are all dressed in their pjs.

Also, I just noticed this guy with a sweet mullet. You know the ones with that are super short on the top and then pretty curly in the back. Plus it’s grey which makes it all the more awesome. Sometimes I wish that more people had mullets …

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“Backpacking: An extended form of hiking in which people carry double the amount of gear they need for half the distance they planned to go in twice the time it should take.”

Packing is quite the chore. Especially packing for four months when you have to be able to carry it on your back. What to take, what not to take: these are huge questions. The guy at MEC when I was buying my backpack told me that for four months I only needed to take enough for four days. Well, this buddy has obviously not traveled with me before.

Usually when I go away for the weekend, I have enough clothes for more than a week. I’ve been on the receiving end of more than my fair share of jabs concerning my over packing. I feel the need to try and take everything I could possibly need. It isn’t my fault that I always end up forgetting to pack something I ultimately need; therefore leading to overcompensation the next time. But this time I’m ahead of the game!

For the last several trips I’ve taken I’ve been practicing. Slowly reducing the amount of clothes I take for an extended period of time. Granted, it was uncomfortable trying to ski in tight jeans covered in too large snow pants. And it was a big mistake forgetting to take pajama pants. But I hear they have stores in Europe too, so I should be okay.

The final result after packing it once and repacking it a second time to try and make it take up less space:


The good news is everything except my computer fits; the bad news is my computer doesn’t fit. Other good news is that it isn’t very heavy; other bad news is that its going to be a pain to get anything out that isn’t directly on the top.


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“If we do not find anything very pleasant, at least we shall find something new.”

This is the beginning of my adventure; a simple post on my new blog. Having never had a blog, and not overly inclined to write, this may be or may not be an interesting undertaking.

In less than a week – not entirely sure on the best way to count the days between now and departure, either 5 or 6 depending on what days you do or do not count – I’m heading to Europe. Where in Europe you may ask? That’s a good question; one for which I do not have the answer. I do know two places I will be in at least at one point: London and Edinburgh. After that, well, your guess is as good as mine! I’m going without much of a plan and will be there for approximately 4 months. So here is your best place to keep track of me and what I’m doing. If you don’t care, then you don’t have to worry about getting those long mass emails that you feel guilty about not reading but you can’t bring yourself to finish because at some point you just lost interest.

I’m going to try and remember to post short notes and pictures. This seems to be a good way to keep everyone interested, including myself. I know it works because that is the style of Transpacificism and I never get bored with it. Granted, Jane is much wittier than I so we’ll see how it goes …

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