Venice – land of Romance?

Yesterday I was in Venice. Before I went I had the movie romance version of the city, moonlit gondola rides and Italians waiting to sweep me off my feet. What they do not tell you in the movies is that Venice is jammed with people and, surprisingly, families make up a good chunk of the tourism. At least that is what I noticed.


May 3, 2008. Italy. Leave a comment.

Pizza, gladiators and Catholicism … pretty much sums up Rome

I have been in Rome the last two and one half days.  I have decided I really like Rome and it is a fascinating city.  The biggest downfall: it is filled with tourists! You kind of feel like a sardine and some of the sights are so filled with people you cannot even get a good look, like the Spanish Steps.


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Florence, Pisa & Rome … who knew I had so much energy?

Yesterday I spent the day in Florence. Florence is a very pretty city that, in my experience, can be catagorized by three things: art, long lines, and expensive admission.  Unfortunately the long lines were very influential in my skipping one of the best art galleries. I had no interest in waiting in a queue for more than two hours to see art that I would only be semi interested in.  Another deterent was the price; Florence has the most expensive admissions of any city I have been to as even the churches have admission.  Needless to say I spent more of my time wandering around the city than in art galleries, museums or churches.


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Adventures in Traveling

I thought that the trip from Coimbra to Barcelona was bad and nothing could possibly compete.  Well, it turns out I was wrong and that apparently it is just a bad idea to travel overnight because everything that could possibly go wrong will.

Last night I took the train from Nice to Florence. At least that was the plan.  I had bought my ticket a day early so that I would be assured a spot on the train because I assumed that it was going to be packed.  Turns out I assumed right.  What I did not account for was the attendant giving me a ticket to the wrong city.


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