Austria … I like you so much I am going to come back

Austria, what can I say? 

The Mozart museum was boring.  Should have known.

The bus system is fabulous.  So easy to figure out where you are going and what bus to take.  The buses are even listed on the map.  I lived in Halifax for almost 5 years and I still barely know what bus to take when I want to get somewhere! 



May 7, 2008. Austria. Leave a comment.

The Sound of Music is going to drive Salzburg tourism for years … and I love it!

So here I am in Salzburg with about 9 minutes of internet left.  Basically the few paragraphs I have time to write will be gushing about how wonderful Salzburg and Austria is and how much I love it here! So ridiculously wonderful!

In my time here, I have visited numerous sights filmed for the Sound of Music, climbed a mountain (well, taken a cable car but there was climbing once I got there), taken a boat ride (yes more boats!), and gotten wet due to trick fountains.  Oh and there was a brewery tour in there too.  

More snow on the mountains than I’ve seen since my first weekend in Scotland. My feet are still wet about 6 hours later. But the view was amazing.  I think we should have really major mountains in Nova Scotia.  Do you think the Cape Breton Highlands can grow?

I can’t even begin to fit in my Austrian wonder in! The only sad part was one of the two sights I really, really wanted is closed until the 10th so I just miss it. Tear! But that has not dampered my Salzburg love.  Plus I got to shop in the largest Amber store in Europe.  Fun!

May 6, 2008. Austria. Leave a comment.