Nearing the end …

I’ve been slack. Actually I haven’t been slack but I have been terrible at getting updates.  This is mostly due to my lack of access to internet and traveling a ridiculous amount.  Since my last post I have been in Bern, Montreau, Paris, Versailles, Brussels, Brugges, and now Amsterdam.  So basically I’ve been traveling my ass off. 

Too many things to get into and so little time so here is a (very) short update on what I’ve seen and done.

Bern (in Switzerland for those who don’t know) is a cute little city and the first European city I could see myself living in.  However, it wasn’t much for the touristy stuff.  That was okay because it meant I could travel to Montreau guilt free and see a really cool castle without feeling like I was missing anything. 

In Paris I met up with Brenna after a ridiculous series of events both on her part and mine which resulted in a delay in our reunion by almost 24 hours.  We ran ourselves pretty ragged trying to get everything done that we wanted to do but managed to be more than happy with what we saw in the time we were there.  By far the coolest (and spookiest) thing we did was traverse the Catacombs, and I can’t wait to steal the creepy picture of the skull that Brenna took.  Also cool was scamming free entrance to the Lourve and getting discounts pretty much everywhere else.  Not so cool was wandering into a sketchy neighborhood at dusk and finding out that we should take “line 8 because it was more safe”. 

Brenna and I traveled to Brussels and we were pretty … well … unimpressed at first to say the least.  When we were headed back towards the train station, the only thing making the trip worthwhile was the delicious waffle we consumed with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  Then we stumbled on this awesome street fair that was encouraging kids to get active.  And we saw these two guys dressed up like cops … except that they were on stilts and had sweet facial hair.  Pretty much made the trip right there.

Finally, I stayed in Brugges and spent the morning wandering around.  I probably would have had more fun if I didn’t have a 40lb (estimated by me) pack on my back.  I can’t wait to not have to carry my life around on my back!

Now I am in Amsterdam and it is my final stop before I fly out of London in three days.  That’s right by the end of the week I will be back in Nova Scotia.  It’s hard to believe four months is gone by.  But it has … and this will probably be my last post while I am in Europe! Tear I know for those of you who have been loyal readers.  You may get lucky and I may update again … who knows.


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