Munich – a break from Hostels was super!

A few days ago (I think, the days and weeks all start to run together when you are traveling and it is hard to know what happened when and where) I was in Munich, Germany. In Munich I got to stay with the German branch of the company I do part time work for: Elise. And let me tell you, I forgot how nice it is to not have to wear shower shoes or to have a room to myself. So delightful.

So the first day I arrived in Munich. Elise and I went to the Englischer garten which is this huge park pretty much in the middle of the city. Of course, being that it is in Germany, there were several beer gardens in the park and since it was a very sunny day they were bursting with people. The park has a huge lake and apparently there are simulated waves where you can surf in one section of the lake. I meant to go check it out but I forgot to check the map and stumbling upon it just does not happen in a park this size. Another different thing is the popularity of nude sunbathing. Apparently it is the thing to do on your lunchbreak; go to the park, strip down and catch some rays.

The second day I went to Dachau Concentration Camp memorial. It was this really intense experience with a documentary and preserved/rebuilt structures from the camp. I cannot write eloquently enough to describe what it was like for me but sufficed to say that I was glad I went.

To lighten the mood after that, Elise and I embraced our inner engineer and went to the Deutsches Museum. It is this Science and Technology museum that has exhibits on so many different things. There were several highlights for me. One was the huge pendulum that shows the rotation of the earth by knocking over tabs at different times in the day. Another was the mining section which was basically a mock mine showing different techniques from different periods in the history of mining. It took about 20 minutes to walk through and it was really neat. The technical toys were also really cool. And I am not going to lie, I got super excited over the processing displays in the oil and gas section. I think I would have enjoyed the pharmaceutical section more if the displays were in English as well as German and there wasn’t this huge group of school kids.

That evening we went out with a bunch of people from Elise’s German class, who as it turned out were mostly Spanish speakers. So we ended up going to a Latin club after I had my traditional Bavarian dinner of Ham Meatloaf and Potato Salad. This is where I got a huge compliment. Some of you may know how much I love to dance. I am not good but I love it and am obsessed with any kind of dancing movie. Anyway, I danced with Elise’s friend from Columbia and told him it was my first time latin dancing. He wouldn’t believe me. He thought I had done it before because I did really well. I think by really well he meant I did not step on his feet but still. He told me I must have latin blood because I did so well my first time. It was heartwarming for me.

The last day I went to the Residenz palace. There were a lot of rooms and it was pretty cool. But unfortuantely, it had gotten bombed in WWII so most of the rooms were reconstructed and some did not have the original artwork or furniture so I was slightly disappointed. But the treasury was cool and I got to see crowns which is always awesome.


May 12, 2008. Germany, Uncategorized.

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