Austria … I like you so much I am going to come back

Austria, what can I say? 

The Mozart museum was boring.  Should have known.

The bus system is fabulous.  So easy to figure out where you are going and what bus to take.  The buses are even listed on the map.  I lived in Halifax for almost 5 years and I still barely know what bus to take when I want to get somewhere! 

The boat ride up the river.  Boring! I can see trees at home.  The captain making the boat dance while he played a waltz.  Hilarious and I am glad I do not get ditzy! 

The trick fountains at Schloss Hellbrunn.  Very Cool! Older people giggling as they got sprayed with water … priceless! I think that was the most fun part! I definitely want an outside garden with water nozzles in random places so I can surprise my guests!  Oh, and having it all powered by gravity (even the bird noises in the cave) very cool!

The brewery tour was a letdown.  I know how they make beer.  I wanted to see them do it.  An exhibit explaining the process was not very helpful.  I spent half a semester learning about it; I want to see theory put into action. Alas, it was not to be.  But the free gift was cool!

Now off to Munich! Yea!


May 7, 2008. Austria.

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