The Sound of Music is going to drive Salzburg tourism for years … and I love it!

So here I am in Salzburg with about 9 minutes of internet left.  Basically the few paragraphs I have time to write will be gushing about how wonderful Salzburg and Austria is and how much I love it here! So ridiculously wonderful!

In my time here, I have visited numerous sights filmed for the Sound of Music, climbed a mountain (well, taken a cable car but there was climbing once I got there), taken a boat ride (yes more boats!), and gotten wet due to trick fountains.  Oh and there was a brewery tour in there too.  

More snow on the mountains than I’ve seen since my first weekend in Scotland. My feet are still wet about 6 hours later. But the view was amazing.  I think we should have really major mountains in Nova Scotia.  Do you think the Cape Breton Highlands can grow?

I can’t even begin to fit in my Austrian wonder in! The only sad part was one of the two sights I really, really wanted is closed until the 10th so I just miss it. Tear! But that has not dampered my Salzburg love.  Plus I got to shop in the largest Amber store in Europe.  Fun!


May 6, 2008. Austria.

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