Venice – land of Romance?

Yesterday I was in Venice. Before I went I had the movie romance version of the city, moonlit gondola rides and Italians waiting to sweep me off my feet. What they do not tell you in the movies is that Venice is jammed with people and, surprisingly, families make up a good chunk of the tourism. At least that is what I noticed.

I went to the island Murano which is famous for it’s glass. Let me tell you if I had the money and the ability to get it home safely, I would be coming back with so many glass pieces. The pieces were stunning but alas it is not within my ability to get it home safely.

I had another random experience with people from Nova Scotia in Venice. I was riding on the bus from the hostel and as it was packed, I could not help but overhear the conversation of the people next to me. One guy made a comment like “back in NS” and I was like “no way, I’m from NS!” Then he asked me where I was from and he told me he was from the city and I was like I went to Dal. Then the girl he was with was like
“I went to Dal. What did you take?” I told them engineering and they asked me what discipline. When I replied Biological, the girl asked if I knew Tracey. Turns out one of my favorite classmates and this girl went to high school together. Small world.

A really nice moment in Venice happened when I finally got the gnocchi that I had been craving my whole time in Italy. I was sitting there, eating the only kind of pasta I really wanted, beside a canal just before sunset. It was gorgeous.


May 3, 2008. Italy.

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