Pizza, gladiators and Catholicism … pretty much sums up Rome

I have been in Rome the last two and one half days.  I have decided I really like Rome and it is a fascinating city.  The biggest downfall: it is filled with tourists! You kind of feel like a sardine and some of the sights are so filled with people you cannot even get a good look, like the Spanish Steps.

The Coloseum was pretty neat but it was so much smaller than I expected.  I think I would have really benefited from a guided tour but I had a lot of fun trying to imagine what all the pieces of the stadium were with another Canadian whom I toured around with. 

The best part was Vatican City though.  The Raphael rooms at the Vatican Museum blew me away and I am not even a huge art fan.  But even surpassing that was St. Peter’s Basilica which was done with different colors of marble.  Plus we were in line with these two older American couples who took us under their wing and we chatted with them.  The line had over a thousand people in it (best estimate with no exaggeration) but it only took about 50 minutes (yes I timed it).  One of the ladies was interrogating me and it was really funny.  She did suggest a food place which I am going to check out later.

Last night I had potato pizza which was an interesting experience.  There was a little too much Rosemary on it but otherwise good! Plus we grabbed some free pop from this political rally that was going on in the square when we were eating. The pizza I had yesterday afternoon was fantastic though.  You go in and select your desired kind and then pay based on weight.  Very cool!

Rome was a lot of fun but I am super psyched for Venice.  I am supposed to try and meet up with a girl I met here in Rome and we might go on a romantic gondola ride if we can get it cheap enough.  Ciao for now!


April 30, 2008. Italy.

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