Springtime in Lisbon

Portugal has been my travel obsession since about grade 8, some of you know this, most of you don´t.  On Friday I started my wondrous journey to my much anticipated land.  Taking the `Hotel´ train from Madrid to Lisbon, I expected to share a compartment with beds with several other people.  Boy was I wrong, I had a ´reclining´ chair in a section of the train. Let me say right now that the only reason I slept at all was because I brought my sleeping bag with me.  It is my new best friend.  I felt terrible for the people who had to use their clothes because the seating was so uncomfortable.

Anyway I spent yesterday touring Lisbon and a suburb caled Belem.  It is so pretty here although it has this somewhat run down feeling at the same time.  I finally got sunshine which made me super happy and I was able to wear the cheap sunglasses I bought in Madrid which also brought a smile to my face.  That and the delicious pastries I bought in Belem.

Last night I went to a small restuarant in a popular part of town.  Part of my Portugal obession was with hearing Fado, a blues type music which Portugal is famous for (or at least mildly so).  I got to hear four different performers sing and it was very entertaining.  Although, it would have been nice to understand what they were saying, especially during the song where the audience all made kissing noises and I have no idea why.

Today I went to Sintra which is outside of Lisbon, about a 45 min. train ride.  It is a beautiful little town but super touristy (although not as much as Belem).  There was this very eccentric Palace in the middle of a huge park.  It was one of the last places the Portuguese monarchy resided before they were exiled.  It wasn´t as grandoise as the Spainish palace but there was so much furniture that I think what it lost in size it made up in stuff.

Anyway, tomorrow I head to Lagos in the Algrave province.  This is where I´ve been dying to go.  I´m hoping for major beach weather.  After that I think I´m going to Coimbra and then on to Barcelona. The Barcelona part is definite it´s just a matter of what I´m going to do in the mean time and which trains I am going to take to get there. 


April 13, 2008. Portugal.

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  1. Tracey replied:

    I can’t wait for photos! xox

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