Artery clogging deliciousness!

Tonight I tried a Scottish delicacy. Not haggis as one would assume, I have yet to take that leap. There is something about eating any kind of lamb that turns me off. I tried it at Anatolia and while it wasn’t bad, it doesn’t have anything on chicken or pork. Anyway, I think the whole not liking sheep products is due to me having pet sheep like this:


Anyway, the Scottish dish I tried was deep fried pizza and chips. That’s right, greasy goodness. Taking already greasy food and making it even more bad for you. Let’s just jump right to the delightfulness that is deep fried pizza. I think I could feel the cholesterol building up. But it tasted really good. Now I just have to find some deep fried Mars Bars. I hear those are very intense.

On another note, everything here is eaten with chips. Last night I had chips with mince (ground beef in gravy with onions and carrots). Tonight I had it with deep fried pizza. The other night I had it with something very random that I can’t remember but I do remember thinking that it was strange to have it with chips. Anyway, the point is when I get home I will not be eating French Fries for a very long time.


March 25, 2008. Random, Uncategorized.

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