“A late Easter, a long cold spring.” – French proverb

Today I went on a wander because it seemed like the perfect day, warm and sunny out; at least that’s what the weather seemed like. However, once I actually got outside it started to snow. Now, me being the tough Canadian that I am I thought to myself “This is nothing. It’s minus 30 at home when you count in wind chill. I can take it.” And at first it was fine, I was smiling while everyone else was putting their head down and bustling towards wherever they were headed. However, by the time my afternoon had finished, I was more than cursing the weather.

As all of you know, this is Easter weekend. As such it seemed like the there were many, many more people out and about today than usual. There were more buskers around the city that’s for sure. I didn’t take my camera but there was a guy dressed in furs with his face painted blue. He was really intense, and had swords for the tourists to pose with. After I walked by him all I could hear was little kids shouting “Fight for Freedom” or something like that.

My original plan was to hit up the Art Galleries today. It was always my intention to go, after all it was free and art can be cool. However, I’m not really one to dawdle on the paintings, especially since most of them were people which I really don’t get, in the artistic sense of the phrase, so it only took me about an hour to go through two art galleries. In my defense, they weren’t that big.

Anyway, turns out there was an Easter play in the Princes Street gardens. I think most of you know the basic story so I’ll skip over that, and if you really want to hear it just I dunno look it up or go to church tomorrow or something. The play moved locations all over the park and there were props set up in various locations. The only cumbersome bit was there were over a 1000 people (best guess) to also move from location to location but it went surprisingly smooth.

The play was really well done, if a bit long. About halfway through I got bored and almost left, I was going to justify it by saying I already knew how it ended so I didn’t need to see the whole thing. But I stuck it out, mostly because I had invested so much time in it already that it seemed pointless to not finish it.

When the actors first came out, there was this guy with long brown hair and beard, pretty much exactly the commercial representation of Jesus. I couldn’t help but wonder if he grew his hair long for the part or if he got the part because of his long brown hair. Didn’t I feel dumb when it turned out he was the narrator and not Jesus at all. Then I couldn’t help but wonder how come he didn’t get the part when the other guy had much shorter hair. Plus his neck beard wasn’t nearly as delightful as the narrator. I’m pretty sure Jesus had a sweet neck beard.

The only other thing of real note was the flogging. Okay, no one really got flogged but they did a really good job of faking it. They had intense makeup to make it look like Jesus had torn flesh and bleeding on his back. Even to the point that Pontius Pilate got red on his hands to signify blood, which I know is an easy thing to do.

Oh, and I was very impressed by the two criminals that got crucified along with Jesus.  It was bloody cold out and they were only 1/4 dressed (that’s right not even half dressed).  Took a lot of self-confidence for them to be able to do that I’d say, and I was duly impressed.


March 22, 2008. Edinburgh.

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  1. transpacificism replied:

    *snickers* Because you know how it ends. . .

    Oh, Amanda.

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