Tiki hut decor and techno music make for an interesting evening …

Last night I met up with Suzanne for a low key social gathering with her and her friends at a local pub. I was excited to see her as she has been supremely busy the last couple weeks and so it seemed like the ideal get together. I got to meet her friends and still have a chance for the catch-up chat. The pub that we went to was super interesting. In the back room (which sounds a lot sketchier than it was), there was a huge, well couch is the word I want to use but it wasn’t a couch at all, raised sitting area that was kind of like the floor. It was covered in carpet and there were movable tables to place your drink. Apparently they play movies there during the day which seemed like a really neat idea.

Anyway, Suzanne, her friend and I were sitting around talking when another friend of theirs showed up and was all for going out dancing. To let you picture it a little more clearly, here is this large Turkish man with a huge afro and who is all about the dancing apparently which of course I found incredibly enjoyable. After much browbeating and the promise that we’d make it there before cover started convinced us to go along. But first we had to wait for another guy from Germany to show up before we could leave, so it was a very international night for me.

We get out of the cab at the club, and it turns out that not only is there cover but you have to be on the guest list. I guess one of the guys knew a girl who was having a birthday party and so we got put on the guestlist; it was all very convoluted if you ask me so I didn’t bother to try and follow it. Then we had to pay 5 pounds cover. Which none of us really wanted to pay but then the Turkish guy started to haggle. We all ended up getting in for only 4 pounds so that was pretty sweet.

When we got in, it turned out the whole bar was done in a tiki bar motif and the music playing was basically techno with a handful of pop and rap songs thrown in. But what I found super odd about the whole thing was that on the screen by the dance floor there was Anime playing which, for those of you who don’t know, is a form of Japanese animation. Everytime I caught a glimpse of it, it kind of freaked me out.

The two big groups at the bar was a stag party and a birthday party. We weren’t really with either although I think Suzanne’s friends knew the girl whose birthday it was. The biggest thing I noticed though was how under dressed I felt. Here I was in jeans and a shirt (since that is the only thing I own over here), and all the other girls, with the exception of Suzanne and her friend since they hadn’t planned on going out dancing either, are dressed to the nines. Well, that is if the nines are right out of the eighties what with the leggings and the oversized tops.

All in all though, it was an interesting night. Suzanne’s friends are super fun. And I got to go out dancing with is always a plus even if I’m not a big fan of Techno.


March 14, 2008. Edinburgh.

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