Artery clogging deliciousness!

Tonight I tried a Scottish delicacy. Not haggis as one would assume, I have yet to take that leap. There is something about eating any kind of lamb that turns me off. I tried it at Anatolia and while it wasn’t bad, it doesn’t have anything on chicken or pork. Anyway, I think the whole not liking sheep products is due to me having pet sheep like this:




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“A late Easter, a long cold spring.” – French proverb

Today I went on a wander because it seemed like the perfect day, warm and sunny out; at least that’s what the weather seemed like. However, once I actually got outside it started to snow. Now, me being the tough Canadian that I am I thought to myself “This is nothing. It’s minus 30 at home when you count in wind chill. I can take it.” And at first it was fine, I was smiling while everyone else was putting their head down and bustling towards wherever they were headed. However, by the time my afternoon had finished, I was more than cursing the weather.

As all of you know, this is Easter weekend. As such it seemed like the there were many, many more people out and about today than usual. There were more buskers around the city that’s for sure. I didn’t take my camera but there was a guy dressed in furs with his face painted blue. He was really intense, and had swords for the tourists to pose with. After I walked by him all I could hear was little kids shouting “Fight for Freedom” or something like that.


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“Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.” – Evan Esar

On Sunday, I finally made it to the Edinburgh Zoo. After talking about going there for weeks, it actually took place which was fairly exciting for me since it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the zoo; in fact I can’t even remember the last time.

Anyway, my flatmate, her baby and I all set out for the zoo Sunday afternoon. We spent about twenty minutes on the bus traveling there and there were these two really cute kids on the bus that were obsessed with the baby. They moved closer so they could make faces at her to try and get her to smile. It was adorable.


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Tiki hut decor and techno music make for an interesting evening …

Last night I met up with Suzanne for a low key social gathering with her and her friends at a local pub. I was excited to see her as she has been supremely busy the last couple weeks and so it seemed like the ideal get together. I got to meet her friends and still have a chance for the catch-up chat. The pub that we went to was super interesting. In the back room (which sounds a lot sketchier than it was), there was a huge, well couch is the word I want to use but it wasn’t a couch at all, raised sitting area that was kind of like the floor. It was covered in carpet and there were movable tables to place your drink. Apparently they play movies there during the day which seemed like a really neat idea.


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“Never draw your dirk when a blow will do it.” – Scottish Proverb

As all of you know, I am living with a Scottish woman.  Most of the time, I can understand what she says just fine.  After all, she is speaking English and so am I.  However, other times I can only guess what her words mean or in extreme cases I have to ask.  So I thought I’d share some of the new words I’ve learned.  I can’t quite bring myself to use them though because they sound so odd coming off my tongue.


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