Where’s Amanda (you know … like Where’s Waldo)

I know I have been slack (in the extreme) on the updating. It’s been a busy week. Okay, it’s been relatively busy, in that I haven’t been doing too much of anything but have been extremely lazy. But I would say I still accomplished a lot. Okay, so I haven’t accomplished that much but I can tell myself I did. Anyway, I mentioned was that I was looking for a flat and it fell through.

So after my devastating loss of a wonderful flat, I was bound and determined to find another one. So I hit the classifieds super hard and sent out masses of emails inquiring about flats. I stumbled on this one ad that seemed like a fantastic deal but instead of email there was a phone number. Now, I’m not a big phone person, its definitely not my favorite medium of communication but I thought “what the hey, I don’t have anything to lose.” So I called her up on my brand new mobile (because they aren’t cell phones here). However, the phone call brought up two important issues. One, she had a brand new baby, and two, she didn’t have internet. Of these two things, one was a deal breaker.

Did you guess the newborn? Well, you’d be wrong. I barely paid attention when she mentioned the “wee one” but not having internet caused me to turn down even going to see the place. After we disconnected, I went back to looking for flats but after two minutes I received a call. It really shocked me because I hadn’t given anyone my number at that point and was super confused at who would be calling. But she had decided that she could get internet put in for me and wanted to know if I would still take a look at the place. I agreed and we set it up for the next day.

When I went to see the place I was really ready to back out. Having thought about it, living with a baby wasn’t very high on my to do list. But the woman seemed so nice and accommodating, and the price was completely right, that I agreed. So now I’m living in a flat with two roommates: a woman and her 14 week old baby. It sounds a little crazy, and the first two nights the baby was really fussy and I was wondering if I had made a mistake, but things have settled down and it’s working out well. Plus she’s been making me meals and who can complain about that? And it’s right in the city center so I couldn’t ask for a better location. Well I could, but I don’t think I would be allowed to stay in the Official Scottish residence of the Queen.

So now that I have a place to live for the next two months, I have to find a way to occupy some of my time. Wandering around only takes up so much. Last week I started looking for a part time job. I thought it would be a good way to meet some people, make a little extra cash, and fill some days. Plus, there are loads of postings all around town looking for help. However, I have no experience in the retail/restaurant industry which makes it slightly difficult. Here I am with an engineering degree under my belt but don’t have the experience necessary to get a part time job. Strange how life works out sometimes.

I am getting lots of baby playing time which is kind of neat. Especially since I can hand her off whenever she gets fussy. Plus since my flatmate is Scottish I’ve been getting quite a few Scottish meals which is kind of cool as well. So if anything, I’m going to be able to say I lived in Edinburgh for a few months with a lovely woman and her darling daughter which I think makes for an interesting story in itself.


February 12, 2008. Random.

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