“Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.” – JK Rowling

I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I’m just putting that out there. And as a big fan I know that JK Rowling wrote in Cafés in Edinburgh. So imagine my delight when I saw this sign:


Then the disappointment set in when Suzanne told me that most of the cafés in Edinburgh claim the same thing. Apparently everywhere wants a bit of Harry’s magic and of course it is impossible to tell whether or not she actually wrote there or not. Granted, in all of my wanderings (although I only went up and down a small number of streets), it was the only sign I saw proclaiming Harry’s birthplace.


Which brings me to the second part of my Harry Potter tale: although this part actually happened first. Upon leaving London, I was to catch the train to Edinburgh at King’s Cross which, as some of you know, is from where the Hogwart’s Express leaves for “somewhere in Scotland”. I was thrilled at the opportunity to see the wall between platforms 9 and 10. However, sadly, I ended up arriving at the station with only 10 minutes in which to buy my ticket, find my train, and get a seat. Me being the paranoid and perpetually late person I am, was worried that I wouldn’t catch the train if I went off in the opposite direction looking for the platforms so I skipped it and did just barely make the train. So it was probably a smart decision but disappointing nonetheless.


And finally, when we were in the Highlands, much to my delight we parked by the bridge that was used in the second movie. You know (if you saw the movie) the one that Ron and Harry see as they are chasing the train with the car. It’s in a gorgeous setting and apparently famous outside of Harry Potter. We weren’t very close but you can somewhat see the bridge in the picture. Obviously it’s not the same viewpoint.



February 4, 2008. Random.


  1. Jenny replied:

    I believe this is an opportune time to haul out the much deserved, yet under used, priviledges bestowed upon me following HP7 bingo conquerdom: I TOTALLY KICKED YOUR ASS IN HP7 BINGO!

  2. transpacificism replied:


  3. ag replied:

    Yeah, Jenny! If you hadn’t have had those half points … it might be a different story!

  4. Jenny replied:

    I got 5 fair and square, with one half point for babies which *I* didn’t want to count, and then some others. You two said you got 5 *with* half points.

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